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Reviews of Natural Gardens
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Natural Gardens

Rose Marie A.

If you asked me to describe this venue in two words, it would be easy:

Beauty and Heart

Yes, the The Natural Gardens is a meticulously landscaped, beautiful dream setting in the Catskills. But the owners, Steve and Cathy, are what MAKE this venue absolute perfection. This property is their home, and they care for their guests like their own family - they put their heart and soul into this venue, and do the same when caring for their bridal couple.

My husband and I were originally looking for a venue in Hudson Valley, but our guest size, desire for a weekend event, and Fall-timed nuptials prompted us to expand our search further into the Catskills. Thank goodness it did! When we arrived at the venue for our first visit, it was September, and the grounds were still beautifully lush and green, with blooming flowers. We were quickly won over by the treelines, ponds, and gardens. Steve is a horticulturist, and has cultivated every inch of the property with love - and it shows. We knew it would the tree-lines would be perfect for our fall wedding, complete with yellow, orange, and red foliage (and it was!).

On that first day, Steve and Cathy took us on a tour of the property, and we loved that there were plenty of options to host a number of events, and have it feel like a 'different' venue for each aspect of our wedding weekend. They also had plenty of recommendations for us - from caterers to local hotel/private home accommodations.

We booked with them a little more than a year in advance, and they stayed highly responsive and communicative right up until our wedding weekend. They also let us know that we were welcome to come back at any time to take photos (including engagement pictures), or make plans for our wedding weekend. We didn't end up doing so because we live in New York City, but it was helpful to know the option was there!

During our wedding weekend, we ended up using the property for two days: On Friday, we held a Color Wars style game day for our guests, followed by a welcome party dinner in the forest. On Saturday, we had an outdoor ceremony, followed by a reception in the barn/event center, topped off with a s'mores bonfire under the stars.

The weekend was magical, in large part thanks to Steve and Cathy. Unfortunately, we had a wedding planner who under-delivered, and Steve and Cathy were well aware of the stress and hardship that this caused us. But they made sure that we were well-taken care of, and graciously took on MUCH MORE than they should have had to to ensure the weekend was as successful as possible. From ensuring our cake was on display for our guests, to golf-carting us around the property to get photos/video in as many settings as possible, to combing the property for lost items the morning after, Steve and Cathy went above and beyond our expectations.

And our guests absolutely LOVED all the photo ops with the beautiful fall scenery. We couldn't have picked a better spot to start our forever. Thank you, Steve and Cathy! PS - A few things to know/be mindful of:

There's no mobile/wi-fi service (yet), but they are working on it. We actually loved that we (and our guests) were able to completely disconnect. It made for a better party! There is an onsite bridal house with plenty of couches, a bedroom, and sizeable makeup/hair space for wedding day. This bridal house was my absolutely LIFESAVER - it was a great place to retreat, get my zen, and prepare for the long day of wedding festivities.

Steve and Cathy are constantly making upgrades to the venue - so ask about what they may have in store for your target dates. In between our booking and our actual wedding weekend, they built out some restrooms by the bonfire area which was also near we were had our "games." It was a perfect addition that was totally unexpected!

Weekend Wedding at Natural Gardens

Our son recently had his wedding weekend at Natural Gardens. We were there from Friday night through Sunday afternoon. Cathy cooked an amazing farm to table brunch on Sunday. The expansive, grounds and views are breathtaking, and the new Amish barn was perfect for the barbecue, reception, and brunch. Steve and Cathy were very helpful throughout the planning process, and sensitive to the needs of the newly weds and our family. It was a first class experience!

Marilyn O\'Leary

Joel Freimark

My wife and I were married at the Natural Gardens in June of 2016, and we could not have been happier or more satisfied with the entire experience. From our first visit to the venue in Spring of 2015 to the day after our wedding, Steve and Cathy ensured we had the most outstanding, memorable and carefree event possible. The surroundings are incredibly serene and the gardens, hops orchard, ponds and pathways are beautiful without being too heavily manicured. The whole venue is bordered by lush ferns and forests, cloaking the event in a warm privacy. Some of our guests referred to it as a "magical escape," and we couldn't agree more. In the months leading up to the event we peppered Steve with questions, and we were always met with prompt and thoughtful responses. He and Cathy seemed personally invested in our comfort, and that mentality extended to their entire staff the week and day of our wedding. They were all friendly, down-to-earth professionals, who worked seamlessly with our array of vendors, and collaborated to make the event run smoothly. Whenever any of our guests had a question or need, one of their staff was there to assist. We were blown away by their attention to detail. From clearing low-hanging branches around our chosen ceremony site, to seeking out and installing bistro lighting in the pavilion, to purchasing an A/C unit for the cottage to keep us comfortable, to furnishing lanterns along the entrance with locally made candles, to cutting fresh s'mores sticks for a beautiful campfire they built, Steve, Cathy and the entire staff couldn't have been more thoughtful. Whether it was something as small as an unsolicited cool glass of water at the right time, or as big as stepping in to help receive rentals when our wedding coordinator failed to show up, the entire Natural Gardens staff played a key role in the success of our wedding weekend. They also introduced us to Elena & Company Catering, who did an absolutely amazing job to the point where our guests were bargaining to take home leftover desserts the next day. The size of the Natural Gardens allowed us to utilize completely separate, unique sites and setups for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, and this is something few other venues can offer with such a high level of natural beauty and convenience. We held our ceremony toward the back of the property where the wedding party could be hidden from guests by large evergreens. Steve provided us with a pop-up tent to help keep us cool and once guests arrived by shuttle, the NG crew used golf carts to help transport those who had walking difficulty to the site quickly and comfortably. The cocktail hour was held outside, un-tented toward the front of the property, and the guests had a great time checking out all the ponds, relaxing in Steve and Cathy's newly built Adirondack chairs, and meandering the property. There were no shortage of gorgeous photo opportunities, nor places for our guests to mingle without being crowded. For the reception, we moved to the pavilion and had a large L-shaped bar and photo booth flanking the front entrance, a full buffet on the far side of the room and a 10 piece band with two sound engineers on the broad side of the barn. 160 guests fit comfortably inside leaving the dance floor clear for partygoers. I should note that with a full catering kitchen running out behind the barn with refrigerators, freezers, ovens etc. on top of the band, there was no issue with power. The generator Steve has was more than sufficient. On our various trips to the site we had never stayed past dark, so it was an enchanting surprise to exit the barn under cover of stars and sparklers to hear the music of bullfrogs and see mist rising from the ponds. As we walked down to the campfire, we felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation for Steve and Cathy who cultivated this amazing property and built a hidden gem of a venue. My wife and I are so grateful to Steve, Cathy and their staff for the perfection they helped us achieve on our wedding day. Their warmth and positive attitude, along with their ability to anticipate our every need made for a wonderful, unforgettable experience for us and all of our guests. We look forward to visiting The Natural Gardens for years to come, both to remember our wedding day, as well as spending some time with Steve and Cathy, who we now consider part of our extended family.   Reply to or leave a comment on this testimonial

Full of Magic

The Natural Gardens is a beautiful place, full of magic. You come through the trees at the top of the hill and walk down the incline to look up and see an expanse of tall green grasses dotted with pink and purple flowers. The nuptials were in a valley where the voices of the Rabi, Bride, Groom and friends echoed as they blessed each other.  Or in the case of this wedding, Blind Melon sang through the trees as tiny humans dressed as bees skipped through the aisle. A few ponds over is an opening for cocktails and conversation.  A lovely place to unwind as the sun sets before entering the barn for the evening. The barn was stunning, clean, elegant and well lit.  The service was beyond stellar and the bartenders were the fastest I have experienced at a wedding. I would suggest wearing nothing but flat shoes, sandals or flip flops to this venue as the walking paths are gravel and there are so many incredible parts of the property to explore. The bonfire that the bride and groom provided for the guests after a night of dancing was extremely thoughtful.  It added just one more moment for friends and family to soak up the magic of the The Natural Gardens, enjoy each other, toast a marshmallow and listen to the songs and sound of a guitar. Mary A. - Columbus, OH

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A Natural Wonder

The Natural Gardens is a Natural Wonder.

What a beautifully manicured property and the perfect venue for a barn/country wedding. New barn space for reception was clean and beautiful. The grounds were vast and fantastic with A+ views in every direction. The owners of the venue went above and beyond to accommodate the needs of everyone. This included having 4 golf carts being driven by the staff that would pick up any older family that needed help moving the several hundred yards from ceremony to reception space. I would agree with another reviewer that the only limitation would be not to wear High Heeeled shoes - similar to any outdoor wedding (or Preakness Stakes). I 100% highly recommend Natural Gardens for a wedding or other celebration! JODA 4 LIFE! Robert K.- Portland, OR Reply to or leave a comment on this testimonial

Absolutely Magical

My son and new daughter-in-law were married at the Natural Gardens a few weeks ago and all I can say is that the event was absolutely magical! The grounds are gorgeous and the venue staff went way beyond expectations as far as supporting the vision of the newlyweds. In the days and months that led to the wedding, the venue staff were always responsive and helped the newlyweds to plan a weekend of events that added to the wedding itself. So many of my friends expressed the feelings that this was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended! If you want memories that you will truly cherish, book your wedding at the Natural Gardens!!!!

Susan F. - Solon, OH

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Behind The Scenes

I was able to be behind the scenes at a summer wedding here. I was the matron of honor and saw many details many other reviews may not have got to see! On the property, there is a small chateau (cottage) where the gals in the wedding were able to get ready. A bedroom, a sitting area with pit-type couch, and another small area with a love seat were places to hang out and change, but there was also an area for hair and makeup set up with good lighting. The torches that lit the path between areas the wedding used made the short walk magical. Late night set-up included a bonfire on the property where guests played guitar, sang, and roasted marshmallows for s'mores. The golf carts greeted us at the bonfire and helped us with our small suitcases of hair/makeup/change of clothes and drove us up the hilly driveway to our bus. Personally, I liked the small barn mouse who ran across the rafters during my speech. He made the audience laugh and took the pressure off me! I highly recommend this event venue for outdoor weddings and family reunions! S F. Monclova, OH Reply to or leave a comment on this testimonial

Gorgeous Wedding

Gorgeous Wedding I'm in a wedding band and have attended roughly 200+ weddings as a result.  This venue, hands down, is the most beautiful one I've encountered yet.  Attended a gorgeous wedding as a guest and loved every moment.  The setting is glorious.  I would 100% have my wedding here! Emily N. - Middletown, NY Reply to or leave a comment on this testimonial

Beautiful Location

Beautiful Location I attended a lovely wedding at the Natural Gardens this summer and had an absolutely lovely time. Guests were asked to wear comfortable shoes because of the natural, unpaved landscape and grass that makes up the beautiful venue surrounded by trees and ponds.  The location is outside of cell service (which we were also informed about) which ended up being a blessing in disguise because it helped us fully immerse ourselves in the beautiful moment of our friends celebration. The inside venue itself is a large newly (looking) constructed wood barn that was very clean and comfortable which manged accommodate a fairly large number of guests.  Because there were many outside places along the ponds with benches there was never a feeling of being confined and it allowed the guests to escape to nature and watch the stars with the near 0 light pollution. The venue staff were very friendly and helpful toward guests specifically with transporting on golf carts those who needed assistance getting to the ceremony which was a short walk away. Ravi P. - Oakland, CA Reply to or leave a comment on this testimonial

Richard's 75th!

Yesterday, with the help of many friends, we celebrated Richards's 75 years of greatness. The perfect place to have a party was at Natural Gardens. We are very blessed to have Cathy Fletcher and Stephen McCarthy in our lives.

Pat G. - Delhi, NY

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Why we chose Natural Gardens

We visited many venues in the Catskills. We chose Natural Gardens for our wedding because they were friendly, prompt and honest. We found most venues to show pictures on their websites that were not totally accurate and when we visited, we noticed that specific negative features of the venue were not shown. We also found many venues to be non-responsive and non-negotiable to our needs. Natural Gardens on the other hand was the total opposite bending over backwards to help us. The pictures on the website did not do the venue justice, it is actually even more spectacular than photos can show. If you want a venue to knock your socks off, you must visit this venue, you will not regret it!....

Sarah T. - Albany, NY

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Becky Salter - Married at Natural Gardens 6/18/16

Natural Gardens is an absolutely beautiful venue. We would highly recommend it to anyone looking to have an outdoor wedding in upstate NY. Steve and Cathy were extremely accommodating and responsive. They went out of their way to help us create the wedding we imagined. When we first toured the venue last year the pavilion was not yet constructed, but the outdoor space was so gorgeous we knew this was where we wanted to get married. Steve reviewed the floor plan with us and assured us it would be built in time, and of course it was. Our guests were awed by the beauty of the ponds and flowers, which also made an amazing backdrop for our ceremony and photographs. This really is a hidden gem in East Meredith, NY. Becky Salter - Franklin, NY

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Thomas Hedderich - Spectacular Setting

Thomas Hedderich - Spectacular Setting From the minute I left the road and entered the world of Natural Gardens I was stunned by the size, layout and scenic beauty of the whole place. It is nestled amidst wooded and grassy hills and filled with countless perennial gardens, pathways and spectacular koi-filled ponds, streams and waterfalls. Bridges, gazebos, birdhouses and charming rustic-style structures complete this incredible location.

Natural Gardens featured by Wedding Spot

VENUE SPOTLIGHT: The Ponds at Natural Gardens - Tucked away in the Western Catskills, The Ponds offers an authentic, whimsical slice of wilderness for your big day. On the blog: Natural Gardens

Christopher Theising

Shan-gri-la does exist folks!


Thank you Jennie! Thanks for including me in this amazing and special weekend! I'm truly blessed to know you and your family...wish I would've gotten a pic standing between Francisco and your great grandfather!

Mary Rickman

Thank you for a fantastic wedding! It was magical!


Ashley said... We have not yet had our wedding at this venue, however the pre-planning process has been very smooth and stress-free. Steve has been extremely flexible and responsive throughout the wedding planning process and has been great with being in touch with our other vendors and coordinating the big event with them. On multiple occasions we have returned to the venue to see it once more and Steve is always more than willing to walk us around the grounds and share his vision with us. You can tell Steve is hard-working and dedicated by the care that he gives to the beautiful landscape of The Ponds at Natural Gardens. It truly is the perfect venue for a one-of-a-kind wedding, where the setting and natural beauty is the decor!